Why Not Tri?

Why Not Tri?

Event Director: Robin Rice

Why Not Tri Alaska is a race that provides a beautiful escape from the overwhelming atmosphere of the triathlon world.

Just ask Christina Hancey, the registration coordinator for this unique event that has used Race IT for the past two years. “Our race brings out a lot of beginners, not your typical tri participants. We have people from all walks of life that do our triathlon and just absolutely love it,” she says. “We always get approached about how great of an experience it is.” That experience starts at Race IT.

Why Not Tri has used two other registration platforms in the past, but Race IT stood out from the crowd, delivering a great turnaround time and price, and providing an excellent support system with their own account manager. Christina shares that having their own account representative was what most gained their attention. She loves that she speaks to the same person every time. “Phil is my account manager and it’s great. I’ve contacted him several times,” she laughs.

“Our race brings out a lot of beginners, not your typical tri participants. We have people from all walks of life that do our triathlon and just absolutely love it.”

Along with having their own account manager, Christina has expressed that they are also a fan of our volunteer registration and discount code creation features, which he happily provide to this unique event.

“We feel that using Race IT has aided the success of our triathlon. Race IT has been user-friendly for racers registering for our race and for me, the registration coordinator, to use in setting up the registration process and downloading the information I need. One of the best features of Race IT is having our own account representative. Whenever any questions or problems have arisen, I have been able to get them resolved quickly because I've been able to contact the same person every time who knows me and our race. This is our second year using Race IT, and there will be many more to come!”

Why Not Tri Alaska is a fine example of the diverse events Race IT has the great opportunity to work with. “Our community’s not that big. It’s a smaller area where there are not a whole lot of races accessible to people,” Christina shares. Large or small, Race IT accommodates any size event. We’re certainly happy to have Why Not Tri Alaska as a client.

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