Outer Banks Sports Events

Outer Banks Sports Events

Event Director: Peggy Stovall

Meet Peggy Stovall, the driving force behind the Outer Banks Series,

which hosts a variety of events, including a triathlon, full marathon weekend, and obstacle course on the beach. “Anything you want, we’ve got it,” says Peggy.

Peggy wasn’t always a Race IT user, but found it quite easy to make the switch. “Getting reports are more efficient and more customized. The response time is really good,” Peggy shares. With time zones being a big problem in the past, she was glad that our office was located on the east coast.

She also became a big fan of having her own account manager. “Whitney has been very responsive to all of my emails. She has helped me a lot,” she says. “When I came in, I didn’t know anything. She stuck with it. She explains it thoroughly.” Add that on top of her appreciation for our test registration links and reservation code features, and you’ve got one happy event director.

"Getting reports are more efficient and more customized. The response time is really good."

This series is truly an admirable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Peggy explains that it often becomes a destination race and the main attraction for family reunions. “There was a family reunion at November’s race where a couple from the eldest generation was celebrating their wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the husband was alone because his wife had just recently passed. The family, all in their matching t-shirts, pushed him in a wheelchair through the whole 5k, until he got to the end, where he got up and walked across the finish line,” Peggy shares.

The Outer Banks Series is welcome at Race IT for as long as they will have us. We look forward to more stories from their memorable events in the future.

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