Montana Radio Trail Rail Run

Montana Radio Trail Rail Run

Event Director: Jennifer Straughan

Meet Jennifer Straughn, the woman behind the Montana Trail Rail Run,

an ultra-marathon put on by The Trail 103.3 progressive rock radio station in Missoula, Montana. This race takes on old railroad grades from the Northern Pacific and Milwaukee Railroads, and sends you on a beautiful trip through the Rocky Mountains.

Confidence fueled Jennifer’s decision to use Race IT after discovering that we handled the registrations for all Competitor Group events. “I knew they really had to have their game together,” says Jennifer, and she was right.

She had considered using a different registration company, but after doing some research and speaking to our team, we quickly had her event finished and running on our website. “We were up and operating before I heard back from the other registration company,” says Jennifer.

Along with a swift turnaround time, Jennifer expressed her favor for several of our other features, including our volunteer registrations, donation features, customer service and having a dedicated person to service all of her event’s needs. “The fact that I can pass off responsibilities to you all to handle is huge,” she says. Even at times when she seemed to get stuck on the same thing over and over, her account manager always provided the comfort of their guidance to solve the issue. “When you need help, a lot of companies send you to a page. You guys say ‘That’s ok. I’ll take care of it for you.’”

RaceIt not only made it very easy for me to get up and operating, but they provided exceptional customer service.

“I chose RaceIt last year for my inaugural event, the Trail Rail Run. I had not worked with them previously. My event is an ultra run and therefore not likely to attract large numbers, especially in its first year and in the remote area of western Montana. Like most race directors, this is an additional project and not my full time job, not to mention it's a one person operation. I needed a registration company that with was willing to work with an inaugural event while understanding that they are investing in my event just as I am. We all know the first year is the most difficult and by far the most time consuming since every major decision must be made, and if you break even you're doing great. RaceIt not only made it very easy for me to get up and operating, but they provided exceptional customer service not only to me as the race director, but for my registrants. They spent a lot of time on my event. Having RaceIt is really like having a staff member. I hope my event continues to grow and that RaceIt also benefits from a job well done.”

Our experience acquiring Jennifer and the Montana Trail Rail Run as a client can only be described as exceptional. We are grateful to have them and we look forward to a bright future.

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